RoboCop movie

RoboCop (1987), a crude, violent and cheesy movie about action, is an excellent example. Within the first twenty minutes, we meet Peter Weller's character and watch as he is brutally murdered by a gang. One of the main characters is killed by poisonous waste shortly after being struck by a car. But this isn't mindless bloodshed; the violence is integral to the tale and the overall message. In the future, Detroit will be a lawless metropolis and the police RoboCop force will not be able to restore order. This is the setting for the action-adventure film Robocop. A multinational corporation "partners with law enforcement" to take advantage of the crisis, and also fill the demand for military equipment like combat robots that can replace beat cops. The business will improve the safety of the public, increase profits, create new high-end areas of town, and provide a pathway for their development.

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